Musselburgh & Inveresk Community Council


These pages display the projects undertaken over the years with the help of funding from our Local Priorities Fund provided by East Lothian Council. Many projects have been done in partnership with East Lothian Council. It also shows future proposals and any suggestions from members of the public.


These projects were carried out in areas where we felt it was necessary to try and enhance, most of them being small areas. The projects were all financed from our Local Priorities budget allocated from East Lothian Council

Picnic Area

Railings At The River Esk

Painting Railings at the footbridge

Railings At The Roman Bridge

Maintaining Railings At The River Esk

Fairtrade Town Signage


These projects were initiated to comemorate events in the community or people of importance.


These projects were carried out to enhance buildings of interest in Musselburgh by illuminating them in the evening. Three projects have been carried out to date, with a view to adding more in the future, particularly in the town centre area.

The Town Hall

David Macbeth Moir Statue

The War Memorial

Lighting the trees at Christmas


We look at our town and try to identify the projects which will enhance it at make it a more pleasant and vibrant place to live in, work in, and visit. One of our recent projects was the commissioning of the Gateway sculptures at roundabouts leading into the town.

Pegasus by Kenny Munro

Musselurgh No1 by Ronnie Elliot


Future Projects

If you have an idea or suggestion speak to one of the community councillors who will take it forward for discussion